The constructive digital for sollab

  • The constructive digital for sollab

    Digital environment leads us to the synthesis of diverse tools, including those made for solving business tasks. A website for sollab, an engineering and construction design company, was made by art, technology and experiment intertwined. The key visual is a dynamic construction inspired by constructivism and suprematism. In the context of the project, we consider constructivism to be the keynote of modern architecture, and for exhibition stands in particular. Both design and construction are demonstrated through dynamics.

  • The key object is generated automatically using the Grasshopper patch. By changing settings you can create a structure of different density, detail, and proportions, with different numbers of elements and materials. First of all, the patch generates a geometry box, then it creates a point cloud that will later become a base for a plain surface, and then those points rotate on three axes at the right angle. When geometry is generated, the patch randomly assigns different materials and colors to different objects.

  • Erohnovich Roma, art-direction, design
    Paul Saksin, design
    Vladimir Kupriyanov, generative modeling
    Andrey Novosad, motion graphics
    Dmitriy Demidovsky, front-end developement
    Alex Kanov, front-end, back-end developement
    Glen Jan, lettering
    Max Malakhov, visualisation, motion graphics
    Music: Chuzausen — "Raro Bueno"