"i" — Emphasis

  • "i" — Emphasis

    This is a collaborative poster I did for Plaza Desain 2017: Esensi.

    Plaza Desain is an annual graphic design exhibition held by Binus University. This year, they invited me and some other young graphic designers to do collaborative posters. Each designer has to create a poster which contains a single letter: S, E, N, or I, by incorporating some design principles. The four letters can be combined to form the word "SENI" (meaning "art" in Bahasa Indonesia) or "ESENSI" (meaning "essence" in Bahasa Indonesia, which was also the theme for this year's exhibition). The posters were then exhibited on the exhibition which was held at Senopati79, a Qubicle Center, Jakarta, Indonesia, on 16-19 February 2017.

    I was tasked to make the poster with the letter "i" by using the emphasis principle. The concept is to make the letter stands out by itself, radiates itself, emphasizes its existence. I visualized the letter as a glowing crystal in a case, alone among other empty slots, surrounded by embossed alienesque runes to give the strange, modern atmosphere as an effort to state that the design principle is eternal; it has been existed since the beginning of time and the implementation will surely evolve through time.

    Credit: Last picture background photo by Michael Gaida
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