Quotient Inc. DrupalCon 2017 Landing Page

  • Quotient Inc. DrupalCon 2017
    Landing Page

    Format: Special Event Landing Page
    Date: 2017
    Company: Quotient Inc.
    Skills & Tech: HTML5 Media, SVG graphics, Icon Design, Drupal 8, jQuery, Bootstrap, Responsive, Branding, Marketing, Content Administration
    URL: http://www.quotient-inc.com/drupalcon

    This is a scrolling one-page lander for Quotient Inc.'s presence at DrupalCon 2017. Features: location information on Quotient's booth, details on Quotient's sessions, downloadable educational resources, career opportunities, and bios for Quotient Team members who will be in attendance.
  • Scrolling one-page lander for DrupalCon 2017
  • Team member bio modal