Mortar & Brick: Brand Identity | Package Design

  • Mortar & Brick artisanal foods  

    Traditional Ingredients. Artfully and Thoughtfully Crafted. 

    That’s the mission of this artisanal brand that harkens back to a simpler time with tried and true methods, and a focus on the highest quality ingredients. A simple, understated design highlights the brand’s classic, natural heritage.

    Food & beverage packaging is an area of design that I’m really passionate about. In addition to the actual commercially produced food & beverage projects in my portfolio, I created the Mortar & Brick brand to expand upon my capabilities and range of styles.

    Concept  |  Naming  |  Logo & Brand Identity  |  Package Design

    Shown are logo, olive oil and balsamic vinegar label designs, and top-of-bottle design view.
  • Top-of-bottle view.