G-Shock 'Gold'

  • Now on our 4th G-Shock film, we've began to get a feel for what clicks with the Casio team. G-shock watches are about durability and strength & holding up in the toughest moments nature has to offer. On the flip side, they're also a staple streetwear accessory that screams style and cool. The challenge for us was how to communicate both of those feelings in one.

  • Because of the black and gold color palette of the watch model, our first instinct was to pursue an idea based off of natural elements. We thought it would be interesting if the rock itself was buried in stone but broke out of it. As the stones crumbled, we would see hints of gold as the inner core, much like the watch itself. We concluded that it became a little bit too much about the stones crumbling and not enough about the watch itself though.
  • From there we pulled back a little bit. The key art for the campaign was the watch sitting on a similarly textured G-Shock gold shield. The patterns and coloring on the shield matched the gold highlights on the watch plate. We asked ourselves conceptually, 'What if it is as simple as the watch falling and its impact against the shield represents its strength?' To us this reduced the visual down to its core elements yet a clear read one the story.