• EPi Time Campaign
    Unique Campaign Multiplies Interest in Finishing Industry
  • To generate excitement for new product launches Electrochemical Products Inc. sought the expertise of JMS Consultations.

    Reviewing the publications where the ads would appear, I saw in opportunity for EPi to make a statement. I eschewed the ad as fact-sheet format demonstrated by many competitors, opting instead for catchy headlines, bold primary colors, dimensional visuals, and using EPi's font specs in a way that would build the excitement of a movie poster, but still blend with their other materials. With no existing photography, I needed to work closely with EPi to make sure stock photos were recolored properly.
  • When EPi was looking to promote the Yellow-Red variety of their Ultra Yellow finishing solution, I imagined this new variation as the long-lost twin one might find in an action movie sequel. The headlines and visuals quickly followed.
  • In the final installment of the campaign trilogy, EPi wanted to highlight the cyanide-free aspect of their Ultra-Cu and 50/50 Silver product lines. They also wanted to stick with the multiplication idea from the previous ad.