Cyriano Dogwear Outfit Brand

  • There's a unique, brand-new player on the luxury market, created by and for Dog Lovers. Cyriano Dogwear Outfit offers top-notch lifestyle collections of travel bags, complements and clothes, handcrafted with premium materials.

    We were commissioned by fashion designer and founder Leila Ciriano to develop and manage the entire art direction and design of the brand for its launch. From the logotype and the interior design of the flagship store to the look & feel of the brand universe and in every small detail throughout the process.

    A project developed in collaboration with Enric Cano.

    Interior Design: Isaac Santos
    Photography: Pere Ferrer
    Copywriter: Ana Simón
    Online MKT: Verónica Aguilera
    P.R.: Sara Jacue
  • Inspiration – London Tailoring
  • Cyriano Dogwear Outfit Store
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