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  • Java Cocoa

    In October 2014, I joined an international packaging design competition named ASPaC (Asian Student Package Design Competition) and I was honored with Merit Award.

    The brief was to make any kinds of packaging design with the theme "Pioneer". I made a chocolate packaging design for a fiction brand, Java Cocoa. The initial concept was to make a deluxe packaging that resembles the shape of Borobudur Temple that has lots of “secret rooms” filled with many kinds of Javanese chocolate, waiting to be discovered. The competition itself was organized by Office of Executive Committee for Exchange Program for Asia Student Package Design in collaboration with The Japan Foundation and Japan Package Design Association (JPDA). The participants came from four Asian countries: Indonesia, Japan, Korea, and Thailand.

    Eventually my work was selected as the Top 10 from Indonesia. They brought my work to Japan and honored me with Merit Award. My work along with other finalists were displayed in four participating countries including Indonesia. Here, the committee displayed the works at the FGD Expo 2015 at Jakarta Convention Center (6-9 August 2015) and around some Indonesian universities.

    Disclaimer: I do not own the picture of the chocolate products in the two main drawers; they serve for mockup purpose only.