Barrel Culture

  • Brief: Design a unique lettering logotype and develop the visual identity for a hand crafted brewery producer based in North Carolina, USA.

    About the client: Barrel Culture is a brewery producing 100% Oak fermented, rustic fruit driven, wild artisanal style ales that marry local terroir and aggressive flavor profiles.​​​​​​​

    Date: 2016/2017

    Art Direction / Moodboard
  • Creation process
    Every person involved in Barrel Culture's brand and product development is an artist. This is required because Barrel Culture is not industrial beer. It’s artfully hand crafted beer.

    The handmade nature of the design conveys the passion, love and dedication poured into the brand and product every day.

    The time-lapse video will show you almost the entire process of how I created Barrel Culture's logotype, from the thumbnailing process to the final handmade sketch.

    Enjoy the video and find the descriptions of the process stages below.

  • The Logotype​​​​​​​

  • Assets

  • Photos of Barrel Culture's products, collateral and their first bottle opening event in August 2017

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