Cocoa Via Commercial

  • Collage by design.

    Not one to let completely informational video become a bore, the team at Barton F. Graf approached us to help add some design & sophistication. There was a feeling of wanting to communicate warmth but sophistication. To our whole team, a really design driven approach felt right. Pulling inspiration from Russian constructivism and even touches of great design legends like Paul Rand and Saul Bass, we gravitated towards a really collage and cut out based approach.
  • We started simple. Each script had a story of a dad, family or friends as an image based center piece. We didn't want to fight that narrative visually and began with simple and playful line work to suggest an environment. Very design driven and playufl but unobtrusive tonally. 
  • The first pass great as it was, lacked a little energy. Conversations with the guys at Barton lead in a direction riffing off the internet of things. A lot of really cool imagery was starting to come to life. Most importantly, we were really starting to communicate a sophisticated sense of design and a clear narrative to get us from one part of the story to the next. The only thing was it was almost too sophisticated, even a little cold. We were losing the story a little.
  • This took us to a place where we wanted to be more illustrative. Riffing off printmaking patterns and a touch of texture we thought a tactile element added some humanism to it. We are animation tinkerers at heart so lots of little graphic details also gave us a chance to have this feel really electric once it started moving. It got a little retro feeling though.
  • From there, we took all that worked, cool colors, simple shapes, and unusual arrangements. We stripped out everything that wasn't needed, a little color adjustment and poof. A very elegant and modern approach built on bold colors, negative space to let it breath, and some dynamic shapes design wise.