• I like to drink wine.
    Nothing fancy just good food wine.
    I also buy jug wine. So when traveling to our vacation place I would stock up on wine, but after a while I thought,
    "Damn, the cost is adding up!".
    Thus the idea of pouring jug wine into smaller bottles. But, what do I call my re-purpose wine?
    "Chè-Chic"? Naa. "Chateau Les Jugs?" Tempting…. but, No!
    Let’s be honest. I called my wines for what they are. The big no surprise is people thought the wine tasted great.
    I was asked what the variety/style or the vintage year?  Eh...umm...It's a, err, sorta like a.....eh. A man of few words.

  • Thank you and drink up!