An Orange Solution to Enhancing Your Vision

  • An Orange Solution for Enhancing Your Vision
    Corporate Capabilities Brochure Uses Color to Demonstrate Knowledge in Biofuels Industry
  • Nothing is worse than fading into the background on a trade show floor. JMS Consultations knew that helping Biofuels Automation stick out from the pack at the 2007 Fuel Ethanol Workshop meant deviating from the traditional "environmental-green" color scheme. We were also challenged by Biofuels Automation's business model, which focused on consulting rather than a physical product that could be photographed.

    For inspiration I looked towards the client's philosophy, which is based on helping customers realize the vision they have for how their business would run. Their orange and blue corporate colors also conjured up thoughts of beta carotene, which is not only responsible for the orange coloration in carrots, but is also linked to improved vision–and a theme for the brochure!

    In addition to drawing attention to Biofuels Automation, this brochure also earned a 2008 American Graphic Design Award.