Fruit and Floral Oil Paintings / Winter-Spring 2017

  • Floral Oil Paintings / Winter-Early Spring 2017

  • Convergence
    Oil on Canvas, 2017, 32x32"
    This piece was inspired by luscious wild rose blooms in late May. I want to convey the deep  feeling of joy, exultation and reverence for nature.

  • Ambrosia
    Oil on Board, 2017, 24" diameter
    Pomegranates  - their shape, color, taste and symbolism - have fascinated me for a long time. With a rich cultural history, ranging from Ancient Egypt to Greece and Israel to be associated with Mary, mother of Jesus, those fruit were as aesthetically beautiful as they are delicious. I waned to carry over the notion of ripeness and abundance.

  • Bloom
    Oil on Board, 2017, 16" diameter
    The chrysanthemum appears mysteriously out of the darkness symbolizing the infinite sacredness of nature. Inspired by the Kiku Exhibition in New York Botanic Garden.

  • Mandala
    Oil on Board, 2017, 24" diameter
    A Sacred Circle - the guide for spiritual practices and meditation - represents the universe coming to the absolute center. As always in my work, nature for me is the absolute subject for reverence and adoration. This fragrant blooming mass of roses inspired me and put me in a state of devotion.
    Frank Lloyd Wright said "I believe in God, only I spell it 'Nature'." This is my sentiment exactly. With this piece I”m conveying a sense of being in a temple.

  • Source
    Oil on Board, 2017, 16" diameter

  • Awakenings
    Oil on Canvas, 2016-17, 20" diameter each
    This series consists of three round paintings 20” in diameter each. It was inspired by first magnolias blooming in Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The sense of winter is still n the air, a slight chill, but the spring is clearly and inexorably on the way. It embodies a sense of nostalgia for a change of seasons, and an eager awaiting of blooming and warmth.