• The first website we designed for Architectural Nexus used Flash technology, which afforded us cool animations and a distinguishing interface, but that was long before the advent of the always-on, mobile world in which we now live. The challenge this time was to create a site with the same visual impact, while making it accessible from any device, and easily manageable internally. The resulting modular layout accommodates projects as easily as news releases and features video content created by the Arch Nexus Visualization team. We also helped with the logo redesign that launched with the new website. 
  • When we delved into what made Architectural Nexus different from their competition, we got a speech from the principals -complete with drawings- on the subject of Problem Seeking. The title alone was engaging. Do most people seek out problems? How does that work? The firms unique process was visualized with a spoke-like model with different points addressing different needs.

  • The spoke model eventually became the organizing principal behind the Web site navigation,
    with the Problem Seeking explanation as one of the four points of the model. The Flash-based site
    features large full-screen photographs that command attention while showing off the portfolio.