Butora USA - Graphic/Web Design

  • Client Background:
    Butora USA is a rising star in the rock climbing shoe industry and have their base of operations located in Longmont, Colorado. Butora is Korean meaning “Go for it”. Their tagline is “The natural choice for every climber”. In 2015, Butora USA officially began operations and selling shoes in the United States. As a new business they were faced with the challenge of bringing their shoes to the online marketplace and creating greater brand awareness.

    I was hired by Butora USA to develop , design and maintain the company website. Additionally, I was tasked with designing and preparing for print various posters, flyers, and product information assets. As a fellow rock climber I found the opportunity to work in this market extremely fun and exciting. With the base of operations in Colorado regional sales reps scattered nationwide, and the Marketing Director living in North Carolina it was necessary to work remotely and communicate via phone conferences and email.

    Butora USA continues to spread their brand awareness in the rock climbing community by utilizing the various creative assets I have designed and prepared for them. I have been told on several occasions that the success that they are experiencing couldn’t have been achieved without my help. You can visit the Butora USA website at www.butorausa.com.