MADA Station 3D WIPs


    I made this as a personal project back in June of 2016 and I abandoned it for lack of time to continue. My idea was practicing hardsurface modeling in Modo Indie and also modular environment building.

    The story was to create some sort of Space investigation photographic documentary, in a station on a parallel universe that mysteriously stopped functioning and transmitting. But I just did not have time to finish it, this is like 20% of the modeling only. It has no textures, no set dressing assets, it's just walls and frames. I usually don't post work in progress, but I thought this one looked ok for a WIP that's I'm showing to you guys. Hope it doesn't hurt your eyes! lol

    All modo, and the picture frame is illustrator, the character I painted on photoshop. 
    MADA is Japanese for "Still" or "Not yet", which is a personal joke, for have not yet finished this work, and for being empty and still in space.

    I Wanted my Modo 3D renders on this to feel a bit more realistic, old, and rough, so I did a trick on my light setup, where I added to spotlights very close to each other and with a slightly tinted light, on Blue and Red, that made all blurred reflections have a fake chromatic aberration, later I added a bit of real one on post in Photoshop, so the grain of the render itself is colored accordingly

    I also made the graphic design for the picture frames, to look like scanned photos, which contradicts with the sci-fi time-frame an theme, but I thought that contradiction would make people think a bit more on what the hell is this. Hopefully my "what the hell" goal will be accomplished.