• December 2016
    Kids is an independent teen drama that was released in the summer of 1995. It was and still is conceived as a never-been-done-before, overrated and underrated, dangerous and disturbingly honest piece of pulp filmmaking. It was and still is essentially a window into the debauched and bleak Nineties Lower East Side Manhattan in the Pre-Giuliani era. 

    This publication is an attempt at drawing parallels between two compelling cities, Beirut and New York; parallels inspired by the gritty and urban setting, controvertial thematics, eclectic graphics and raw aesthetics of Kids. It features beautifully photographed and narrated testimonies of a disaffected and hedonistic youth in the pre and post-cellphone era, the pre and post-internet age, a pre and post-civil-war-Beirut, and a pre and post-gentrified New York City. 

    It features bits and pieces borrowed from books, online articles and archived material, all juxtaposing Beirut and New York City. The material is assembled into three booklets:
    1. Karl Hitti's 2016 polaroids taken in Beirut are juxtaposed with Edo Bertoglio's polaroids taken in New York in the 1970s.
    2. Bits of Lebanese author Amal Makarem's memoir Paradis Infernal are juxtaposed with bits of Patti Smith's memoir Just Kids. The first remembers her young days surviving civil war in Beirut whilst the second remembers her young days surviving an aggressive New York City.
    3. And finally, spreads of a shot-lived alternative and bold Lebanese publication, Film, Revue du Showbiz (images courtesy of Lebanese archivist and collector Abboudi Abou Jaoude) are juxtaposed with spreads from another alternative short-lived publication, Steven Heller's  New York Review of Sex and politics (images courtesy of the Milton Glaser Archives, School of Visual Arts).

    This project was created for Warren Lehrer's class Visual Literature, part of the School of Visual Arts MFA Design program.