Franz Xavier Messerschmidt Exhibition 2016

  • Franz Xaver Messerschmidt
    Exhibition identity

    The project takes shape from the intention of producing an abstract form that represents a needle that pierces the skin, as an enlargement of this detail.
    I have focused on the use of a graphic sign and typography for this particular project, the inspiration came from what I read about the artist so to focus on the information and have knowledge of his process:

    "Messerschmidt went on to explain his interest in necromancy and the arcane, and how this also inspired his character heads. Messerschmidt was a keen disciple of Hermes Trismegistus and abided by his teachings regarding the pursuit of “universal balance”: a forerunner to the principles of the Golden ratio. As a result, Messerschmidt claimed that his character heads had aroused the anger of “the Spirit of Proportion”, an ancient being who safe-guarded this knowledge. The spirit visited him at night, and forced him to endure humiliating tortures. One of Messerschmidt’s most famous heads (The Beaked[1]) was apparently inspired by one of these encounters."

  • Creative Agency → Graphic opera
    Art Director → Leonardo Lenchig
    Design → Leonardo Lenchig
    Project Type → Poster / Identity
    Poster size → A3