Colorfield - Art Basel

    Colorfield is an immersive installation developed by Mogollon and internationally recognized industrial designer Stephen Burks as part of a group exhibition at The Dog Miami curated by Christopher “Jillionaire” Leacock (of Major Lazer) in collaboration with Xavier Burt & Poplife.
    Like a kind of reflected sky floating above the Dog’s open air courtyard, the installation imagined attracts and unifies a diverse line up of artists, musicians and designers whose thinking is indicative of a new artistic spirit; a spirit where image, space and sound come together seamlessly without unnecessary categorical divisions under an umbrella of free expression.
    In colorful pop brushstrokes and graphic woven texture, Colorfield boldly defines and envelopes the visitor in mottled light during the day and a 3-dimensional veil of reflected dancehall light at night to support all of the functions of the projects diverse program.
    Woven Canopy
    A 25’ x 60’ hand-woven canopy of metallic ribbon floating 10’ above the courtyard floor from the entrance to the performance stage.
    Colorfield Mural
    A 12’ x 60’ hand-painted graphic illustration of the name Colorfield
    Triadic Totems
    Seven hand-painted carved solid wooden totemic-like forms reminiscent of characters from Oskar Schlemmer’s Triadic Ballet produced and will be available for sale in collaboration with sustainable furniture label One For Hundred.