Queen of the Night NYC

    The Queen of the Night is a 360o experiential show involving performance, dinner, mixology, music and more, that currently takes place at the Paramount Hotel, NYC as a Diamond Horseshoeproduction.
    We were invited by Douglas Little (set & scent designer for the Queen of the Night) to create a LED wallpaper that would transform from a pattern of snakes to a foliage with pomegranates. The wallpaper was placed in the powder rooms adding a dreamy tone to the backstage of the performance. In addition, we designed an alphabet of secret symbols that serve as anchor points between the graphic identity of the show and the storyline.
    " ...In the restroom, LEDs cycle between red and blue to pull out two alternating patterns in the wallpaper. So a pleasant William Morris-esque floral transmutes into roiling snakes while you refresh your lip gloss. Transforming a suite of rooms backstage into intimate performance spaces..." — William L. Hamilton (The New York Times)