Blur the Lines

  • Blur the Lines

    Following the launch of Milk Makeup's Live Your Look campaign, which encourages self-expression and individuality, Milk teamed up with men's grooming site Very Good Light to create a piece that explores gender. The idea came to life right after Milk Makeup launched its new product Blur Stick, which acts as a "universal face filter" that blurs away imperfections. Because the product is colorless and can be used by both men and women, one thing led to another, and "Blur the Lines" was born as a way to showcase a new product and celebrate our diverse community. Through video content, a photo series, a powerful story and interviews, we can "show that beauty truly does come in all shapes, sizes, genders, and sexualities.” (-David Yi, VGL)

    Read the story on Very Good Light.

    Role Art Director
    Collaboration Milk Makeup x Very Good Light
    Creative Director Georgie Greville
    Editor David Yi
    Photography Jai Odell
    Makeup Alicia Campbell
    Hair Niko Weddle
    Wardrobe Bianca Arielle Bailey
    DP Roland Lazarte
    Photo Producer Roxanne Doucet
    Video Producer Riley Carithers