Oia Council – Branding

  • Oia is a small paradise town in Galicia, Spain, located in a mountain with breathtaking views of the Atlantic ocean. This area of Spain is characteristic for its beauty, food and beaches, but mostly, because it hasn't been discovered yet by tourists.

    The council approached us to design the identity for their tourist department, emphasizing on the potential of their outdoor activities (surf, St. James Way, camping...), gastronomy and traditions (Seafood, marking of wild horses, food fairs...) and their historical spots (Their monastery, castros and thousands of prehistoric petroglyphs) but with consideration to the lack of official photography to be used, they definitely wanted to place Oia on the map.  

    When creating the brand, we wanted to highlight that anyone can feel part of Oia when visiting, and so we stacked the name vertically and made the logo look like a rag doll that could be personalised freely by anyone and that could be transformed into the different activities available around, we wanted to create a minimal identity to keep it in line with the fact that Oia is a very small town, and so, we limited the design elements to its essentials, the logo, the typeface and the neon green that reflects the green beauty of this natural region that plays with each other to create a complete set of branding.

    The copywriting for advertisement contrasts with iconic quotes of cities around the world, adapting them to a town that allows you to disconnect from the bustle of your city.
  • Creative & Art Direction
    and Copywriting

    Yarza Twins

    Elias Hanzer

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