1 — 2 — 1 BIM studio

  • 1 — 2 — 1 BIM studio
  • Architectural and engineering company with a totally different approach to the process.

    1 to 1 - a symbolic part of the name symbolizes the scale at which the design. Designing on a scale of 1 to 1 means the extreme attention to detail, think through all the details.
    Design on a scale of 1: 500 (the concepts of scale), you can not determine the exact path of the object creation.

    The company is engaged in designing buildings and structures on the BIM (Building Information Modelling) technology.
    This technology implies the creation of a complete information model designed building for the duration of the life cycle of the building, including the development of 3D visualization of a building based on the drawings.

    In addition to BIM, the company will introduce the SCRUM project management technology, in consequence, the whole visual inspection of models and a demonstration of the results will be made with the help of 3D-glasses and virtual reality. 
    The company also carried out the functions of the construction, supervision and construction management.
  • Art direction and design: Radmir Volk
    Project Type: Branding, web design
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