TypeDig App

  • TypeDig is an app for designers, aspiring typomaniacs, and anyone else who notices type. With the snap of a photo, the app can identify a typeface and provide a wealth of information about it. A frequent user of this app will become familiar with typefaces, foundries, and trends in the industry.

    I created this app because I wish something like it existed. On the web, I use resources like MyFonts' WhatTheFont forum and a Google Chrome extension called Fontface Ninja to identify typefaces I see online. But when I'm out and about and a mystery typeface grabs my attention, I have no way of finding out what it is right away.

    Besides instantaneously identifying typefaces, one of the aims of TypeDig is to increase design literacy, especially pertaining to typographic trends and foundries. I imagine this app would be most useful for design students who are interested in typography but lack in-depth knowledge.