Pitta and Baione Brand Identity

  • The attorneys at Pitta & Baione LLP are relentless advocates skilled in preparing the necessary proof and proper projections on behalf of claimants seeking 9/11 compensation benefits. 

    Acting as true beacons of hope, their industry knowledge is invaluable in claiming healthcare benefits under the Zadroga Act as a result of the September 11th attacks on New York City.

    As the year 2011 slowly fades into our past — there are still many people affected by the incident not only mentally, but also physically. The health complications as a result of air quality pollution from the falling towers is a lesser known fact that has only come to light within the past few years — as firefighters and citizens alike are stricken with cancer, and other environmental-related health conditions.

    The logo is infinitely timeless, and presents the brand as reliable, approachable and warm. The bronze color signifies stability and support, as well as seriousness — reflecting the true sense of duty and responsibility that Pitta and Baione has towards their New York brethren.