• Originally inspired by Valentines day and thinking of those who will not be able to be with whom they love or just simply where they want to be. This could have easily been me. I barely made it into the USA and could have simply been stuck in my original country living in danger or have been separated from my wife.  

    Think about how simply being born in a different country make you depend on the decisions of a small group of selfish men. It easily it could have been you. Open your heart and your borders to the world and forget the interest of a greedy few and we will live in a better world. 
  • I have always wanted to do low-poly characters similar to Eran Hilleli or Heather Penn, so I reached out to them asking for some tips and process. Heather was kind enough to give me some advice and I was able to do something very close to how I had envisioned it.