Fishing Hook | McDonald's

  • Fishing Hook
    As part of a quality campaign, the fast food chain McDonald’s wanted to emphasise the freshness of its Filet-o-Fish burger made of 100 per cent fish filet. By simply turning the iconic brand logo upside down, the message was con-veyed in a striking manner. The “golden M” was adjusted only so much as to keep the high recognition value of the logo intact. Apart from the unobtrusive label “Filet-o-Fish”, the advertisement does without text. The backdrop of the advertisement features entirely in blue to harmonise perfectly with the logo colour.

    Epica Award
    iF Design Award
    Red Dot Design Award

    McDonald’s Deutschland Inc., Munich

    Leo Burnett Germany, Frankfurt/Main Thjnk AG, Hamburg

    Graphic Design
    Michael Fluhr

    Christian Urbanski

    Art Direction
    Thomas Koch 

    Chief Creative Officer
    Andreas Pauli, Armin Jochum 

    Creative Direction
    Helge Kniess (Art), Benjamin Merkel (Text)