Victoria Strong branding

  • Victoria Strong

    Victoria Strong is an industry leading manufacturing company specializing in the design and creation of doors, trims, and various tongue and groove products tailored to people of all lifestyles.

    With a new facility, and growing product line, the company was looking to revitalize their branding as well as updating their product booklets and brochures. Nothing was tasked to create a brand identity that reflected a sense of luxury and timelessness.

    With a timeless and luxury brand as a guide, we developed a fresh new look using art deco illustrations a contemporary design style to set the tone for the brand. The black and white imagery gave the catalogue an aura of timelessness and set a new tone of confidence for the company. Using illustrations instead of common photographic approach further differentiates Victoria Strong’s product from the competition. We colour coded the subranded icons to identify the different product series, creating stunning visual impact.

    A brand new website was created using plenty of white space to match the brand contemporary look and feel, allowing the product categories to dominate the screen. The responsive site allows the company agents to easily navigate products specs with potential clients on a desktop, or on a table/mobile device. 

    Deliverable: Strategy, Creative Direction, Brand Identity, Messaging, Illustration, Website
    Illustration by Bjoern Arthurs