Klee Kids Bath & Body Care

  • Klee Kids
    We partnered with Tinker & Muse to develop a brand identity and packaging extension for their new brand Klee Kids in the bath and body care category. Klee Kids uses only natural ingredients derived from the earth that enrich and nourish. The goal was to connect with the health-conscious Moms, and win the attention of a much younger audience through the sea of natural brand competitors. In doing so, Klee Kids immerses in the fairytale world where magic, imagination, and discovery define the brand in vibrant colors. Neutral tones such as kraft and earthy colors are common in the natural brand category, and we intentionally averted from these trends. Rounded white bottles provides a clean slate for the vibrant illustrations to tell the whimsical brand story and stand out on shelf. The Klee Kids logo takes the form of a smile while emphasizing "kids" using a bright aqua hue. The mini size collection introduces fun and collectable ocean characters that become part of this imaginary world at bath time. Klee Kids is proud of their promise to only make "Naturally Good" products for the family that are safe and non-toxic.

    Elizabeth Linde and Kristin Sabena created the design concept and Elu Creative completed the product line with a new brand identity, tagline, new logo, color palette, and extensions to the body care category, in addition to the minis and giftsets. 

    For more information about Klee Kids on our website, click here