Akron Italia / rebranding 2016

  • Akron Italia 
    Rebranding 2016


    Akron Italia is an Italian brand of swimwear industry founded in 2005 by Dell'Andrea's family and the Olympic champion Domenico Fioravanti.


    It produces competition swimwear and swimwear lines for customers who require products with above-average characteristics. The desire to create a product with a distinct character is the company goal, akron believes in the use of new materials and advanced technologies.

    The new logo is simple and contemporary with a geometric wordmark, the letterforms have a nice rhythm and the proportions are based on the golden ratio numbers.
    The text style choose for the identity is simple, without serifs and technical.

    "just as in the works of technology and nature, 'form' must be created out of function. Only then can we achieve typography that expresses the spirit of modern man. The function of printed text is communication, emphasis (word value), and the logical sequence of the contents." J. Tschichold

    functional typography. The form must serve the content.

  • Creative Agency → Graphic opera
    client → Akron Italia
    year → 2016
    art director → Leonardo Lenchig
    design → Leonardo Lenchig + Ettore Concetti
    Project Type → Produced, Commercial Work