Great Lakes: Image & Word Exhibition Catalog

  • Great Lakes: Image & Word
    Exhibition Catalog

    Great Lakes: Image & Word was an exhibition in which the curators paired a poet with a visual artist and asked each pair to develop creative pieces that revolved around the theme of the Great Lakes Region.

    The exhibit consists of 8 poets and 8 artists who collaborated to present their own take on the Great Lakes. The display includes poems, paintings, sculptures and photography. The pieces present memories, feelings and mysteries that the region may arise. 

    In celebration of the exhibition, I designed this catalog combining all produced works in a single volume. Each pair is featured together in the book and becomes a chapter within itself. The book format (6x9 inches) was also selected to evoke traditional book formats and enhance the reading experience of the poems.

    Client Liaison 
    Patricia Clark and Virginia Jenkins

    Poets and Visual Artists
    Patricia Clark and Hoon Lee
    Alice Fulton and Kim Cridler
    Dan Gerber and Graceann Warn
    Jim Harrison and Jill Eggers
    Ander Monson and Nayda Collazo-Llorens
    Aimee Nezhukumatathil and Sally Rose
    Keith Taylor and Mike Rebholz
    Crystal Williams and David Greenwood