Poetry On The Rapid

  • Poetry On The Rapid

    Poetry On The Rapid is a project sponsored by Grand Valley State University as part of a year-long celebration of the 50th anniversary of the National Endowment for The Arts and National Endowment for Humanities Research Grants. Among many different events, I was requested to design a series of six placards featuring local Grand Rapids poets and their written pieces.

    Despite unique in their overall composition, each composition is connected visually to the other by a few elements: 1- the project lockup on its left side, 2- the same typographical family, 3- a rotated picture plane that abstracts poem visuals and becomes a visual delight surrounding the typography.

    The pieces were printed in polystyrene and a pair of poems were displayed in every bus in the city of Grand Rapids Transit System, known as The Rapid, that became part of the project name.

    Client Liaison: Patricia Clark and Virginia Jenkins
    Poems written by: Patricia Clark, Chris Haven, Amorak Huey, W. Todd Kaneko, L.S. Klatt and Mursalata Muhammad
  • How to Rise, by Chris Haven

  • Gusts to Sixty, by Patricia Clark
  • Floriography, by W. Todd Kaneko
  • Mourning, by Amorak Huey

  • The Cardboard Fawn, by L.S. Klatt
  • Season 1, by Mursalata Muhammad