Pause Fest: Rebirth

  • Pause Fest 2017

    The team at Pause Fest invited us to do a motion response piece for this years conference in Australia. 

    What is Motion Response?

    The Motion Response is Pause Fest’s signature initiative that allows artists to gain back the creative control, experiment, collaborate, learn new tricks, get recognition, valuable industry promotion and have fun in the process.

    Over six years various studios have won fifteen awards and been shortlisted in highly acclaimed international festivals and award shows. Each year Pause team with associated partners award one studio with software prizes and worldwide promotions.

    Different Perspective

    In 2017 we are exploring what it meansto be a human in the smart worlddictated by technology.In order to be disruptive you needpeople who have different perspective.

    Our Response

    In today’s world, there’s little separation between humanity and technology. It’s become an unmistakable force that’s ingrained in every part of our existence, often completely taking over until our former, technology-free selves are barely recognizable. We explore this relationship by focusing on a human entangled in wires, which act as living things themselves, trapping and surrounding the man who appears powerless to break free. As time reverses we see his true birth into existence, free of any technological burdens, as he becomes a transcendent being of pure energy and light.