Plasma design system

  • Creating and documenting a design system
    I published a design case study article on Medium chronicling how we created a design system at WeWork. It shares insight into our process, product design, the tools we used to create and implement the system, and also how we document and share the system with our team. Below is a little preview of the system, but view the case study on Medium for an in-depth insight into the design process

  • Creating a design system
    Above is a preview of the design system (and assets for the documentation) in progress in Sketch. Follow this link to for a quick tour of the Sketch file.

  • Product design
    It is vital to create a design system using products it will be applied to, with real data and problems. Our goal is not to create the prettiest system, it’s to design a system that best meets our business needs. We do of course set out to create delightful products, but only to enhance the user experience (UX). Below is a little preview of the products that shaped the system — view the case study on Medium for more.

  • Documentation
    The design system is fully documented, including usage guidelines and specifications for all foundations, patterns and components — free sample system design downloads

  • Learn more
    This is a very brief case study, for an in-depth insight into the creation of this design system,
    please read the article on Medium >