DVM comapny | branding, website

  • About 
    Company "DVM" specialize on safety systems of different objects, requiring special measures - airports, oil and gas deposits, and ordinary objects - a house adjoining area, nurseries, etc. The company also carries out the installation on all types of objects. For this, the company has been given the task - to develop a comprehensive positioning in the market, attract new customers by creating credible brand consumers. Showing workability, accuracy and modern look at the development of the company. 

    One main aspect was to create a simple and laconic logo, which will be the basis for the entire brand. Also in conjunction with the work on the brand, it was decided to develop a corporate website that will support a predetermined direction in design.

    "DVM" company website.
  • Final
    In the logo were isolated vertical elements that symbolize the development of the company and at the same time, the accuracy with which the company carries out its projects.

  • Website, desktop 
    The website was created for promotion company products to acquaint clients company's methods of work. The main idea was to show company products and tell what we can do with this materials. 
    On the website has a lot of animations and slow entrance, preloading animations.

  • Website, mobile
    Mobile version has also the same characteristic like a desktop but made for smaller screens, and composition on some pages was different. Big attention was given pictures and information that told about company products.
  • Credits
    Design, animation - Kochurov Evgenii
    Developer - Andrey Pushkarev
    Music - Ben Frost - First Strike