Propper Branding and Website

  • Atomicdust helped a tactical gear manufacturer stay true to their proud military heritage as they moved in a fresh, more commercial direction.
  • A New Direction
    As Propper International expanded into the law enforcement, public safety, private security and lifestyle realm, they needed to build their reputation on the commercial side of the tactical gear industry. Atomicdust recommended breaking free from their industry’s marketing conventions, including the typical gritty, theatrical, over-the-top hero shots.
  • Down to the Last Detail
    Propper’s new voice drove all of our designs. We were inspired by their iconic blue star logo, and incorporated its unmistakable color and angles into every piece of brand collateral. Sales slicks, brochures and other marketing collateral place the products front and center with generous white space and dirt textures for grit and balance, making everything feel both sophisticated and strong.