The Prime Minister's Youth Council

  • In the summer of 2016 I had the honour and pleasure of working with Canada's new Youth Secretariat. The Youth Secretariat, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeaus as Minister of Youth, addresses the fact that there has never been a "Department of Youth" in Canada to bring into focus issues specific to youth, nor to hear their voices on issues of national significance. A major project for the Youth Secretariat is the creation of the Prime Minister's Youth Council: a group  of 30 young people from across the country who will meet with and advise the PM directly several times per year.

    This July, the first wave of the application process was launched; the second wave was just completed in October. My task was to create an inclusive and inviting design for the Youth Council application process, within the very limiting constraints of the website template. This template serves all of the Government of Canada web pages, but we wanted this page to stand out as something special: inclusive, inviting, and youthful. I chose cheerful, warm colours, and a banner graphic of colour blocks that loosely suggests a gathering, a coming together. There are 13 blocks, representing 13 provinces and territories. The typography is clean and crisp, and has to work equally well in both english and french, separately and in unison. 

    The project trended on Twitter when it was first launched in July, and received extensive attention in the national press. There was another wave of interest again in October as the second round of applications opened, and the first meeting with the new council members was held in Ottawa. It is very fun to see our PM and these articulate youth presenting on the national news, with my graphics behind them!