Mai Gidah — AW17/18 Campaign

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    "There is a place where I can escape from sadness, 

    I see it because I feel anxious 

    and I prick myself with the sewing needle, 

    I feel cold, I feel lonely, I tremble, 

    I ask myself, is everything worth it? 

    but there it is, my creation, Mai Gidah"


    Mai Gidah’s AW17/18 collection “After Light and Dark” Written and directed by Yarza Twins.

    A flower blooming represents a fresh and young fashion brand that is growing into success, but not everyone is conscious that behind the golden petals are hidden numerous hours of constant hard work, failure, over effort and solitude, all represented through the chain of spines that hold the flowers together.

    Mai Gidah’s AW 17/18 Campaign is an ode to today young artists who live in big cities and who find themselves trapped in the dilemma of choosing between keeping a job that gives them stability and boredom or fulfilling their inner need to create by giving all they have to create their art. We are inspired by the idea of romanticism that landscapes represent an extension of the human body, the models represent feelings and situations rather than persons, they depict our inner selves who need to be saved and believed in, overall this movie is dark, as it shows the hard work and darkness of an artist but it also maintains the light of hope for a future that will come, a road that will be drawn by his talents and efforts for a bright tomorrow in which he will succeed.

    Mai Gidah is a London-based contemporary menswear brand by Ghanian-Belgian designer Ali (Alec) Abdulrahim.

  • Written & Directed by 
    Yarza Twins

    Executive producer
    Fashot Agency

    Music production & composition
    Daniel Hunter 


    Audio mastering

    Sato Okoro

    Body Model
    Was George (Nevs)

    Shoes by Grenson

    Thomas Sels & Yarza Twins

    Hair & Makeup
    Pace Chen

    Andy Chan

    Michael Cole

    Editing supervision
    Andy Chan & Michael Cole

    Set Photographer

    Special thanks to 
    Lee Friend, Eve Dain & Oliver Barrett