Kampoeng Dolanan

  • Background / Problem

    Located in Borobudur area in Central Java, Indonesia, Kampoeng Dolanan is a villagey natural tourism site which provides various traditional toys and games from disparate regions throughout Indonesia for entertainment and education. Kampoeng Dolanan's main goal is to preserve traditional games and reintroduce them further to a larger audience; urban areas in particular. However, they have been struggling in the process with promoting their brand due to the lack of visual support.

    Aim /

    The focus of the project is to create a brand and its identity for Kampoeng Dolanan to be able to accomplish their goal. Additionally, several promotional materials were also created to assist the brand. The visual identity makes use of the striking color red to catch attention, while the saccharine illustration helps to lighten the color to be more cheerful and positive. Responding to the essence of Kampoeng Dolanan, visually, the brand should feel genuine and natural
    also fun and a little spontaneous with a hint of competency as both recreational and educational site for family.

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