• 糖村花漾手工巧克力系列禮盒 SUGAR & SPICE CHOCOLATES  GIFT


    SUGAR &SPICE, the most popular brand of nougat candy in Taiwan, the client demands on the high quality and continues to be true to the motif of the brand image “flower.”  The concept of the designer is illustrate the noble “peonies” with the visual approach of chocolate ganache in combination with the printing techniques of “emboss” and “bronzing” to present more refined “peonies” and the golden “pistil” to further highlight the sense of multi-level during the process of handmade chocolate ganache. When taste the delicious SUGAR &SPICE chocolates, the product reminds the customers of the strong emotional links with “sense of taste,” “vision,” and “sense of touch.” Our customers can understand the product attributes without any oral expression.

    Client: 笠豐食品有限公司  |  Creative Direction : 沈子淮 Zi Huai Shen |  Designer : 沈子淮 Zi Huai Shen |  Design by