Pistilli Roman Type Specimen

  • Pistilli Roman Type Specimen
    Pistilli Roman is a typeface collaboratively designed by Herb Lubalin and John Pistilli. Pistilli was a partner with Lubalin in New York City at the firm Sudler & Hennessey from 1949 to 1964.

    Given the technology of the time when Pistilli Roman was produced, the typeface was only designed and made functional for use on a typositor. After the demise of phototype and typositor machines, the typeface was never revisited and as a result, the typeface has never officially been digitized. Because Pistilli Roman was a very exclusive typeface that gained acclaims as a result of its highly elegant and unique ampersand, many look-alike typefaces began to surface.
  • BIBLIOGRAPHY | The Gradient 
    Ryan Gerald Nelson “Pistilli Roman”, December 26, 2007. (Web). 10th August 2015.

    Originally created by Herb Lubalin and John Pistilli, Pistilli Roman was never realized in printing and has been renamed Eloquent, digitalized by Veer (www.veer.com) 

    This version of Pistilli Roman was digitalized by Claude Pelletier // claudeserieux@gmail.com
  • Photo by Juanita Angel

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