Blended Learning & Study Center

  • Blended Learning & Study Center is a year-round educational program for P-20 students with the goal of helping students attain higher education degrees and transition into careers seamlessly.
  • Their vision is to ensure students get a globalized education that will equip them with the skills needed to adapt to a dynamic workforce in any generation.

    As they started to launch their program, they reached out to Ben Loiz Studio to design their brand identity and print materials. The symbol is a capital letter B composed of various books. This not only points to education but also to their style of blended learning which brings students together from different countries to study. The color palette itself has a global flavor.
  • The business cards continue to play on the idea of education as the pattern of books expands across the length of the card. Contact information is listed on the spine of the books. Social media channels were also designed to match the new look and feel of the brand identity.​