Lyft Origin Story

  • Lyft "Origin Story"
  • To bring Lyft's Origin Story to life, Buck created this unique animation piece and I had the privilege to contribute with some AE animation/compositing. 
  • Lyft is an American transportation network company based in San Francisco, California. Launched in June 2012 by Logan Green and John Zimmer, the company's mobile-phone application facilitates peer-to-peer ridesharing by connecting passengers who need a ride with drivers who have a car.
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  • Credits
  • ECD Ryan Honey
    EP Maurie Enochson
    CD Joe Mullen
    Producers Nick Carmen, Billy Mack
    Prod. Coordinators Solana Braun, Kaitlyn Mahoney
    Art Director, Animation Director Kendra Ryan
    Lead Designers Vincent Tsui, Xoana Herrera
    Storyboards Kendra Ryan, Vincent Tsui, Lucas Durkheim, Junyi Xiao 
    Design Vincent Tsui, Audrey Lee, Xoana Herrera, Debora Cruchon, Amelia Giller, Ken Gun Lee, Jigyu Yoon, Kendra Ryan, Junyi Xiao, Yuki Yamada
    Cel Animation Nicole Stafford, Song Kim, Kendra Ryan, Abby Magno, Vincent Tsui, Debora Cruchon, Amelia Giller, Jigyu Yoon, Aemilia Widodo
    AE Animation Evan Viera, Daniel Coutinho, Kendra Ryan