Music & Album Artwork

  • I sneaked in through the design industry’s side door thanks in part to my album cover designs, which I’d been creating for my own rock bands for several years already. I’ve since created album artwork for others as part of my lead design role at Oniracom, but I continue to make more for my own projects. These featured projects are only a fraction of what I’ve done. Some are digital-only, and some are physical releases—but I placed them all in physical release mockups because I can.

    The Best of Martin Sexton, Vol. 1
    Digital album artwork for free Thanksgiving compilation by the celebrated singer/songwriter. Designed for Oniracom, November 2015.
  • How Far is the Fall
    Digital and physical album artwork (2-page booklet, disc, and traycard) for my second band Honey White’s debut full-length CD, released in April 2005. More here.
  • The Weapon of Young Gods
    Digital and physical album artwork (2-page booklet, disc, and traycard) for my side project Low Tide’s instrumental soundtrack CD, released in March 2008. More here.
  • You’re On Your Own
    Digital and physical album artwork (illustrations, 2-page booklet, disc, and traycard) for my first band The Mojo Wire’s final CD, released in June 2001. More here.
  • Singles by Brynn Elliott
    Digital album artwork for three singles by a talented emerging singer/songwriter. Designed for Oniracom, March 2015.
  • Honey White: Live Album Artwork
    This was a twofer—music and maps!—that I created when uploading all of my second band’s live recordings to the Live Music Archive. The idea was to emulate a style established by acts like Pearl Jam and Tori Amos, who released recordings of each show on a given tour, with unique artwork for each cover but within a unifying visual identity. In my case, I continued the city map identity developed for the Honey White album Deluge and Drought, applying map outlines of each gig location on the corresponding covers. (June 2005, revised July 2006).