The it Kit Prototype

  • As part of ISL (iStrategyLabs / 
    "The It Kit prototype was developed as part of the Innovation Next initiative with The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy and IDEO."
  • The concept for The It Kit was a box to help female freshmen in college to be prepared for any sexual situations they would might engage in. The card deck included had common questions about sex on the backside of the deck and the answers on the face-side.
  • The Team:
    Margot Mausner — Content Writing and Strategy, Prototype Creation
    Julian Gindi — IVY Creation and Development
    Maggie (Winters) Gaudaen — Art Direction, Prototype Creation
    Me — Design of Card Deck, Illustrations, Patterns
    Maggie Famiglietti — Logo + Icon Design
    Thomas Degry — Website Development
    Zach Saale — Physical Box Creation

    Thank you.