Adilier. App powered by Adidas

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  • Adilier.
    A mobile application, powered by Adidas, which is presented by a contest platform, allowing Adidas, as well as other companies and individuals, set up contests for apparel design based on Adidas' products. Furthermore, application allows designers and creatives from all over the world to compete for an implementation of a certain Adidas' apparel design, gaining professional exposure.

  • Concept.
    Attempt to connect sport style and high-fashion experience. Let people own things they wearing every day, but make this clothing one of a kind. Revive an old tradition, when people to get distinguished outfit went to specialized ateliers, but this time to let people come to a worldwide atelier, driven by professional designers all over the world.

  • Graphic concept.
    The main idea is to use "one line" graphics which has to represent a thread, which is the main tool in any atelier. The main color is orange, which is tribute to the one of the most exclusive thing that people ordered in old ateliers - golden threads. To modernize the look of golden thread, it was decided to use orange color which is near to the golden on a color wheel. 
    The vital part of a graphic concept is to show everything clear as possible, and hide all possible things and buttons, that usually are on a screen of any complex application. The aim is to make application look like an actual atelier, where everything is placed in special pots, shelves and chests, and you just have to open (swipe) it to get access to it.

  • Adilier shelves.
    To enhance exclusive experience through application, it was decided to make sort of extensions of it inside of actual Adidas stores, to make people feel exclusivity of owning exclusive apparel, even before getting it, not to make people stand in a store line with other people. 
    "Adilier shelves" is a system of drawers, which are placed inside of Adidas stores. Through them people can collect items they ordered through the Adilier application.