Health and Beauty Aids Packaging

  • AcuvueNew packaging for the Oasis line of extra comfortable premium contact lenses for Johnson & Johnson. The liquid motif emphasizes the extreme wearability of these lenses for people who have dry eyes. The product launched very successfully for J&J. Below are additional packaging concepts for the Acuvue Oasis line. The design brief called for the visualization of moisture as a relief for dry eyes.

  • Additional Design Explorations for Acuvue

  • Lotrimin Foot Care Product Packaging
    These two packages were a design refresh of existing Lotrimin products. The design brief called for greater visibility of the main active ingredients for Lotrimin and Lotrimin Ultra.Greater focus was placed on the product as an important part of an athlete'sregimen. The graphics were designed to provide greater shelf impact among their competitors in the marketplace. Additional packaging concepts are shown below

        This packaging was created for McNeil Consumer Products Division of Johnson & Johnson. Prior to the creation of this package, Nicotrol was only available by prescription. Many hours of design research and interviews with smokers influenced the appearance and graphic style of the packaging. 
    The top image is the version accepted by the client.
  •          This  version of the packaging is an abstract design that stylizes the smoke from a cigarette. It was influenced by the design of European cigarette packs

  •                          This alternative concept emphasizes the imagery of facing the challenge of stopping smoking with support from others
  • This version of the packaging emphasized the concept of the smoker visualizing himself/herself achieving the goal of conquering an insidious, health-destroying habit.