TOPLES / Opening Sequence

  • We were asked to create an opening sequence for digital channel “TOPLES”. Even though we chose retrowave, we switched into cyberpunk, to make this opening more special. We also did a research to understand the basics of this genre. We took cult classic movie “Blade Runner” as a reference for it's atmosphere. One of the specific moments of work was process of creating unique cyrillic font, which referring us to the movie.

  • 01. Pre-production

    We determined that our main technical goal was to create flight over a 3D city. At this point we did thumbnails to coordinate our graphic and motion designers between each other. Sketches for modelling, flat 2D image on the back of our city and logo layout also were done at this step.
  • 02. Production

    Following the sketches we modeled 3D objects for our scene, such as building, antennas and generators. Using them as part of construction kit we created a city. Then, we proceed to building a camera rig, adding some little moving elements and creating animated light sources. 
  • 03. Post production

    At this stage we created VFX, did compositing and color correction. We used Saber from Video Copilot to create a laser rays and VHS from Red Giant to simulate old tape distortion.
  • Development

    We chose Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D as our main software for closer integration. Using Element3D as our render engine, because of it's fast and high-quality result on output, we've got ability to make many iterations without wasting much time. Before starting to work we created some assets to simplify production process, which involve experiments with Photoshop parametrics and other things. 
  • Client: Yan Lapotkov

    Art Director: Viktor Aleksandrovsky
    Graphic Designer: Viktor Lukow
    Motion Designer: Dmitry Berezhnoy
    Sound Design: Anton Efimov, Artemy Petukhov