AIGA: Event Promotion

  • AIGA Event Promotion

    AIGA, the professional association for design, commissioned Cut Once to create marketing materials to help promote Pulp, Ink and Hops, Maryland's largest paper show. At this event creative professionals and "paper-addicts," were able to network and view the latest papers, greatest printers and designer services from over 20 vendors.

    Since Pulp, Ink and Hops is always held at a different venue, it seemed silly to overlook the fact that the National Electronics Museum would be the host for this year’s event. We felt reinforcing the unique venue along with the event would be an unexpected approach as opposed to the more obvious direction of doing something with pulp, ink and hops. The event concept started to become more clear as we began to research the museums artifacts and exhibits. We concluded a collage of electronics should become the primary visual for this poster. The result was an intricate robot collaged with many vintage artifacts from exhibits in the museum such as radios, telegraphs, glass vacuum radio tubes, radar displays, telegraph keys and a microphone.

    Morse code became the second language throughout this piece because Morse code is one of the prominent exhibits in the communications gallery of the museum. Morse code also added an interactive element which engaged and challenged the viewer to use the Morse code decoder key on the back of the poster to decode various messages throughout this piece. Fun fact, the first Morse code message was sent from Washington DC to Baltimore.

    For further information, please visit: Cut Once