Rocky Mountain National Park Centennial Logo

  • Rocky Mountain National Park Centennial Logo
    Logo design entry for the Park’s 100th Anniversary Celebration 
  • In 2014 Colorado State’s Rocky Mountain National Park began its year of festivities celebrating it’s 100th Anniversary. In need of a logo for educational, promotional, and marketing pieces, the Rocky Mountain Nature Association and Rocky Mountain jointly sponsored a logo contest.

    I set out to design a logo that, in the Park's words, "honors the rich cultural and natural history, celebrates wilderness, wildlife, and wonder, and inspires people to connect with and protect Rocky Mountain National Park".

    It was during my research for the project that I was reminded of the natural splendor and pristine beauty that exists in our National parks for all to enjoy.  
  • Photo: USDA
  • Photo by DW Ross
  • Photo Credit: Peter Plage / USFWS
  • Photo by Anne Hornyak
  • Photo: National Park Service
  • Photo by Bill Bouton
  • Photo Credit: Erwin & Peggy Bauer / USFWS
  • Photo Credit:
  • Photo Credit: Mark Byzewski
  • © Christopher Dina